The SEAMEO Regional Centre for Food and Nutrition (RECFON) is one of the 26 regional centres of excellence of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO). SEAMEO is an intergovernmental organization established in 1965 among governments of Southeast Asian countries to promote regional cooperation in education, science and culture in the region.

SEAMEO RECFON was established in 1967 as a Regional Centre for Community Nutrition under the SEAMEO Regional Centre for Tropical Medicine (TROPMED) Network until it acquired its current name and status in 2011. The Centre carries out six mandates, namely: education, capacity building, research, information dissemination, community development, and partnership toward improving the quality of human resources in Southeast Asia in the area of food and nutrition. The Centre is hosted by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia through its Ministry of Education and Culture and is considered as a non-stock, non-profit regional organization. In addition, the Centre is located within the campus of Universitas Indonesia, and also serves as the University’s research centre on nutrition under the name of Pusat Kajian Gizi Regional Universitas Indonesia (PKGR UI).

In 2002, SEAMEO RECFON initiated the Southeast Asian Nutrition Leadership Program (SEANLP). Since then, the Centre has successfully carried out 12 Leadership Programs which benefited a total of 282 alumni among whom are now holding strategic positions and leading nutrition development programs in their respective institutions and countries in the SEA region and beyond. The SEANLP is conducted under the auspices of the European Nutrition Leadership Program (ENLP) and is part of the Global Nutrition Leadership Platform together with ENLP and African Nutrition Leadership Program (ANLP). Aside from the SEANLP and through its other face-to-face and online training courses, the Centre has also built the capacities of over 5,000 professionals which include university and school teachers, researchers, community development workers and program managers from government and non-government sectors who are engaged with food and nutrition as well as health related activities.

The Centre’s research program and activities are guided by its 5 research lines, namely 1) Best Practices in Nutritional Assessment, 2) Food Security & Food Safety, 3) Nutrigenomics & Nutrigenetics, 4) Nutritional-Related Diseases, 5) Nutrition Policy and Program. These are conducted either by the Centre’s program staff or in collaboration with researchers from partner-institutions at national and regional levels.

SEAMEO RECFON is currently operating under its 2nd 5-Year Development Plan which focuses on “Pre-maternal and Child Nutrition with Emphasis on School Programs and Food-based Approach”. Thus, the Centre implements two flagship programs called “Nutrition Goes to School (NGTS)” and “Early Childhood Care, Nutrition, and Education (ECCNE)”. The NGTS Program aims to develop Active, Well-nourished, and Smart school children from primary to secondary schools. On the other hand, the ECCNE program aims to facilitate the provision of an integrated environment for the growth and development of pre-school children.

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